Basic Ways on How to Declutter Your Home

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Decluttering has always been a challenge for busy people. Whether you are a busy parent, business owner, employee or student, you will more than likely understand the effect that a cluttered home can have on your life. Clutter creates unnecessary stress in any situation. It can result in lost keys, piles of rubbish, less space for living and increased space for dirt to build up.

Having a cluttered home can also be unsafe and unhealthy to live in. In severe cases with excessive amounts of clutter, even sitting down to relax can become an unreachable goal. For this reason it is important to tackle the clutter before it gets out of hand. Allowing clutter to build up is a recipe for disaster. This is why we have compiled some basic yet doable ways of getting rid of your mess so you can learn how to declutter your home easily and simply.


This is an option that is not only good for you, but it is also a benefit to the environment. Recycling encourages sustainability and makes use of materials over and over so we don’t keep wasting resources. You can solve part of your clutter problem whilst being environmentally aware by recycling your clutter.

Of course, with recycling you have to check any packaging labels to make sure that the material is actually recyclable. Items such as paperwork, cardboard, cans, aluminium and plastics can all be recycled.

Upcycledeclutter your home

Get creative and upcycle your clutter. For example, if you have an item that is not being used for its actual function, then turn it into something else. You can do this easily by turning the old pile of long sleeve shirts you haven’t worn in a while into short sleeves or tank tops just by cutting the sleeves off. You can also do this to jeans you haven’t worn since winter to make the perfect shorts for the upcoming summer, so you won’t need to buy new clothes to flood your current overflowing wardrobe.

However, you should avoid holding on to clutter with the mindset that you will need it one day or you will upcycle or ‘fix’ it someday in the future. This only encourages hoarding behaviour and clutter.


This gives you peace of mind that your belongings will be rehomed to a person that will actually get use out of it. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure in the world of clutter.

Donating is also easy and can be done with minimal hassle. All you need to do is put the clutter – that is still in one piece and can be used – in a large bag and drop it off to your local charity shop. The gesture will be much appreciated.

Give as a gift

Not all clutter is old boxes and food wrappers. Some clutter comes in the form of clothes, jewellery, DVDs and small appliances. If you are hoarding clutter, why not give it to a loved one as a gift instead of spending money on a disposable item.